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Accreditation: Tarot Professionals Honorary Member - Tarosophy Degree

Marcus Katz, M.A. (Western Esotericism) is the author of TAROSOPHY, AFTER THE ANGEL and many Tarot guidebooks, and has been studying, reading and teaching Tarot professionally for 30 years. He has several contracted Tarot books for major publishers in progress for publication 2012. He is the founder and co-Director of Tarot Professionals Ltd and the social network for Tarot lovers, Tarot-Town.com. His many innovative ways of using Tarot have earnt him a regular clientele worldwide, many of whom are experienced Tarot readers themselves. A reading with Marcus can be a life-changing experience as he uncovers the deep stories of your soul and purpose in life, or assists you gain clarity in everyday situations of relationship, career, finance, home and lifestyle. If you wish to elegantly prepare for or recover from a life-change, a Tarot reading from Marcus will profoundly help your decision-making.


Accreditation: Tarot Professionals Member - Member only

Intuitive tarot reader with workaday world experience, balancing sensitivity with a grounded sense of humor. Readings by telephone, email or in person if you are close geographically. Available for parties also. Columnist for Timeless Spirit eMagazine. Blog: www.marciamccordtarotreader.blogspot.com. Self-published tarot decks also available.


I've been reading tarot since sixteen years old and really haven't stopped since. My goal is for people to understand that tarot is not some woo-woo thing that only certain people can do. If you want to, you can read tarot, too! Or you can just have me read your cards for you, but I believe in interactivity, tough love, and a no-nonsense approach. I do tell it like it is. I won the Tarot Lady's Tarot Apprentice contest on May 1, 2011. Contact me for a reading at tarrytowntarot@gmail.com. Follow me on twitter @hsparry


Accreditation: Tarot Professionals Professional Member - Member only

Mike Hernandez comes from a family of psychically-gifted individuals. His particular specialty is the Tarot, and he uses it to provide you with knowledge, Spiritual guidance, and peace of mind that can help you with a variety of issues and concerns, such as relationships, travel, business, pets


Jordan began reading on his own at age 4 1/2 when the cards told him stories. It became clear that the visual language of archetype and metaphor present in divination was a natural, native language for him to access prescience. Author of "Tarot in the Land of Mystereum", he utilizes his Turbo Reading and Living Breathing Tarot Spread methods to provide powerful and evocative readings for life. Whether you want your reading to speak to catalyze your imagination and creativity or better handle tricky life situations, contact Jordan for your reading. Creative and informative readings by Jordan. You may even spruce up some fun to handle difficult situations.


Creator of the Steele Wizard Tarot. Professional Tarot Reader. Tarot Master with the Canadian Tarot Network. Over 30 years experience.